A Quick Guide to Melbourne Convention Centre.

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Did you know that Melbourne Convention Centre has won some of Australia’s most prestigious awards? It opened in 1996 and has been a spot for events, business meetings and various parties through the year. As a tourist, especially if on a gap year and interested in buildings, you’ll appreciate the stunning architectural brilliance. The centre itself has 52 meeting rooms, a plenary and 30,000 square miles of exhibition space. The best bit? MCEC is the first centre in the world to be awarded a 6-star green star environment rating and you can’t get better than that!

Food and wine is very central when it comes to the experience you get with Melbourne Convention Centre. Events are always highly catered when required and the dishes themselves are award-winning. Anyone visiting the convention centre attending an event can expect high quality food, with products from local suppliers and winemakers.


The Melbourne Convention Centre is set right on the Yarra River. The views themselves are simply stunning and the centre itself is a building of metropolitan existence. It is a 20 minutes’ drive from Melbourne Airport and close by to the tram links in the city that are free. Nearby are shops, bars and pubs and if you’re looking for Melbourne Convention Centre accommodation, Apartments of Melbourne Northbank is the closest 4 star establishment nearby.

Literally on the doorstep the apartments are only 6 minutes’ walk and is ideal for conference delegates and hosts as well as those visiting the area who want to explore. Guests always find the walk across Batman Park one of leisure and most apartments can see the conference centre from the windows. If you find it fully booked, just 3 blocks away are the new Collins Street apartments and the trams run directly between the two locations.

From 2012-2015 the convention centre has been recognised as Australasia’s Leading Meeting and Conference Centre by the World Travel Awards. The spaces, technology, food and drink and staff have the skills and experience to bring the whole exhibition together. Events of all sizes are run here and the actual space is so impressive that the some 5500 chairs in the Plenary Hall can actually fold down into the floor. This creates the space for a large party or event, or a huge dance floor!

The windows are floor to ceiling to allow in tons of natural light and allow the guests to see the city of Melbourne in all its morning glory. Given the 6-Star rating for the impact on the environment, the fact so much natural light comes into the convention centre means that energy costs are kept down as much as possible. The air heating and cooling system are also placed only four feet off the floor so that it can hit people rather than trying to fill the massive space from above. The Melbourne Convention Centre isn’t just a huge meeting place, it’s an environmentally cautious one too.

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Finding short term accommodation in Melbourne City

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Finding short term accommodation in Melbourne City can be a minefield with the introduction of new buildings and holiday lettings on a very regular basis. Melbourne is a buzzing and lively city and Apartments of Melbourne are situated exactly where you’d like to be. Using www.apartmentsofmelbourne.com.au you can book everything from your location to your arrival times whether early or late we can accommodate you. Flinders Street, Collins Street and Little Collins Street are central and close by to transport links and the best attractions.

Flinders Street:

Love a little flutter on the slots? How about one armed bandit? The Crown Casino is right on the doorstep of the Northbank apartments. If you’re interested in live shows, shops, cafes, music venues and a fantastic casino all in one place, then Crown Casino is where you want to be located near. We have one and two bedroom apartments of varied luxury and we have your comfort in mind at all times. Whether you want a one bed with a balcony or a standard apartment, you can enjoy perfect coffee pod machines and fully integrated appliances. However if you don’t want to cook, Nandos, Dominos and a 7 Eleven are right on the doorstep!


Little Collins Street:

If you are interested in plant life and gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens are right nearby. You can enjoy a children’s garden, Melbourne Observatory and Guilfoyle’s Volcano! If that’s not enough fun, Melbourne Zoo is so close by and both of these are excellent days out for large groups and especially families. Our apartments are close to the SkyBus terminal so they’re an ideal placement for the independent traveller as well as someone staying close by on business. The one and two bedroom apartments are petite and ready for smaller groups of people. Kick back with Netflix ready TVs and order in from one of the local cafes so you don’t even have to cook!

Collins Street:

Collins Street is our newest destination in the heart of the CBD and we have a new Vertigo lounge situated here. The lounge offers guest services like free wi-fi , luggage storage , lite snacks and a sweet bar as well as check in services. This building is close to the free tram zone and is so close to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and tons of excellent museums. Your holiday accommodation here can accommodate larger groups and large families and we make every effort to make sure you can be as comfortable as possible.

All apartments are fully serviced when for before you arrive. Don’t forget though, no matter where you are across Australia, bring sunscreen. We may get four seasons a day in Melbourne some days, but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t burn you within 8 minutes here! Safety first at all times and we will always endeavour to give you the best advice we can while you’re staying with us. Beaches are beautiful, burns definitely are not!



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Simple Tips to Help Strengthen Family Ties

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Creating a family is not easy at all. This does not end up after marriage neither after giving birth. A family involves a lot of responsibilities, sacrifices and even building up of your own legacy to be implied to the succeeding generation. By and large, there are also various reasons for you to consider that can break down the foundation of a family. Some of which are caused by busy work schedule incapacitating the head of the family to attend even the simplest needs of their children. As simple as this, can already create an issue that would detach the bond of a child from its parents. Moreover, there are simple tips that you can apply in order to strengthen family ties.

Spare some time for an adventure – The best way to strengthen family ties is to bond with your children. No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to spare some time for them. You can also take this opportunity to relax and free yourself from all the stress you had from work. There are a lot of adventurous things that you can do aside from bringing them to the park. You can even opt to have them experience Holiday parks north Wales where the real adventure can be found no matter the age group is. There are various activities that you and your family can definitely enjoy out from their facility. This includes Amusement arcade, adventure playground (for those toddlers to also relate and play their stuff), Heated indoor pool, Pub and restaurant and more. Not just that, there are also holiday homes that you can rent out which are fully equipped with everything that you could wish for in a holiday home such as fridge, bath and shower, television, etc.


Make sure to keep up – It is already given that for most working parents, work should be their top priority in order to supply and sustain the needs of the family. However, you have to understand that not all the time your money will worth all the sacrifices. It is already a common mistake wherein the parents would spend more time in the office rather than with their kids and this is the major reasons why kids’ rebel and no longer gain respect for their parents which can destroy the future that you prefer for them to have. That is why as much as possible, make sure to keep up and spare some time to bond with them. You can even attend and support your child in any school activities that they want to participate as a sign of love and support.

Impose discipline – Not all of the times you are to spoil your children in saying yes and in giving them what they want even though you are already out from your budget. You also have to let them understand that you, parents should be followed because you are the foundation of the family and you know more what’s best for them. As parents, you should give importance in imposing discipline towards your children because it will help them mould their selves to become a better citizen and a better person.


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All You Need to Know About Luxury Charter

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If you’ve been saving all this year to have a good trip in a luxury yacht, then you might want to learn everything you have to know about yacht to make sure you’re going to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Lack of knowledge may introduce more problems in the future that may cause delays and conflicts. It might even ruin your trip. To avoid any of these from happening, it’s better to do a little research about luxury yachts.

Sailing around the world in a luxury yacht is everyone’s dream. Having your own private pleasure playground is the best if you’re looking for an escape for a week or two from your chaotic world. In order to do so, you have to choose a good broker first. A charter broker will make your way through the niche yet saturated market. They can do all the paper works for you and you don’t even have to lift a finger to make sure that everything’s fine because they will do it for you. There are other operators that offers full service from the yachts to use, destination, amenities and all other offers that will suit whatever your budget is. You can start looking for them online at chartered yacht Greece.


Knowing where do you want to go is a very crucial decision and also an early stage question. Typically, you have a place in mind before booking a trip and talking to your charter broker. Keep in mind that a yacht sails on a certain place depending on the season so you may want to think about the best place to go that will suit the season you are planning to book your trip.

Visual impact also plays a big part in choosing a luxury yacht. Not only that it is working properly and efficiently, it should also make an appeal because of its visual look. Plenty of yachts nowadays often get a makeover to attract more customers. Some even put an effort on hanging up beautiful paintings, art pieces, sculptures, and expensive silverwares. You’ll be investing a huge amount of money, so it’s best to look for the ones that is really worth the cash.

Amenities are also a must in every luxury yachts. Customers are always looking for something new, be it an adventure or whatever that suits their taste. Whether they wanted to go for snorkeling, ride a jet ski, spend the afternoon in an outdoor cinema, a luxury yacht must be able to provide these water toys and other equipment to satisfy their guests.

And lastly, consider the crew. The captain and the crew will either make or break your fun vacation so make sure that they are all professionals with pleasing personality as you would be staying with them for a few weeks or so. Always make sure that the crew will be able to attend all of your needs, in that way you can enjoy your chartering to its fullest extent together with the crew that is happy working with you.

To inquire about chartering yachts, visit Greece small cruises for more information.


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No Plans for the Holidays? Gear Away from the Ordinary

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Are you stuck at home, pressured because family plans for the holidays are in your hands? Most people are all tired of the usual beach outing, swimming in a resort or visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house in France. Now, they’re looking to do something more adventurous and fun that’s out of the ordinary. Not to worry because there are a lot of different outlets for such activities that won’t hurt your wallets. Prepare yourself though because something extraordinary you didn’t think was just around your French home is coming your way!

If your family is into nature relaxation and hiking, try bringing them to long-distance paths known as sentiers de grande randonnee. They are equipped with sign posts so you won’t worry about getting lost but if you want to be extra safe especially if you have your children with you, you can hire a guide to lead the way. The good thing about this is the numerous paths available so to test out the experience, you can first go to the shorter ones then progress into the longer ones. Just to get used to the feel of the whole activity first.

Now, let’s imagine bring your family to the countryside. The kids might complain a bit because of the lack of internet connection and television satellites. However, this could be an activity to get everybody to talk and genuinely enjoy each other’s companies. Going to the countryside could bring the family closer. No work to get distracted with for the parents. It would be best to let the kids experience simple joys such as horseback riding. A lot of ranches with rooms to stay in offer such activities. It is pretty obvious that children love ponies. Riding equestrian centre to explore the countryside would be a good way to relax too.

Maybe your family wants something a bit more challenging. They’re looking for an activity they don’t get to do much often. Carp fishing holidays in France would be the perfect holiday activity. You might get a bit confused why when it’s just fishing but there are a lot of places in France that offer decent lake side accommodation with delicious food just for you not to worry about camping in the woods. The challenging thing about this is that fishing in lakes abundant of Carps actually requires a lot patience, strategy, strength and luck. You can’t expect to just throw in random bait and immediately get a fish. Nope! There are lakes or well-preserved fishing ponds that have carps that weigh from 2 kilograms to 27 kilograms. That’s why you need that extra strength. It’s not dangerous for the children as well and you don’t have to worry about fishing equipment. Most fishing places that offer accommodation and food have equipment readily prepared for renting purposes.

There are a ton of activities France has to offer that would spice up your family holidays. Just go the extra mile and ask around!



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What are the Useful Tips for Renting a Villa

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Are planning to rent a villa on your next vacation but you’re not sure where to start? Well, you have come to the right page. You will find useful tips in this article to help you find the right villa for you.


iStock_000016686198XSmall1.Do your research and narrow down your list. If you go on the internet today and look up villas for rent, you are sure to come across thousands and thousands of villa rental ads. This is because many people who have at least two properties are now in the business of renting out properties they are not using. What’s great about this is that you are likely to come across a good deal because of the tight competition. You should also check what the previous customers who rented villas in Lazaronte or else where have to say about their experience. These things should help you narrow down your list.

2.Know exactly what you are looking for. How big should the villa be? Which facilities or amenities should be available in the villa? Do you want an isolated villa that would require you to hire a Lazaronte car rental? Or do you prefer one that is close to the town center? Do you need housekeeping services or would you prefer to tidy up on your own? If you are looking to include additional services or have special requests, ask yourself if you are willing to pay for the extra service.

places-in-the-world-for-renting-a-villa3.Talk to somebody on the phone. By looking at the pictures of the property posted on rental websites, we have a clear picture of what the villa looks like. There is no doubt that this is helpful. But what would be more helpful for you would be to talk to somebody on the phone like an agent from the company that you will be renting the property from or the owner himself. These are people that have experienced being in the villa and they have details that you might have overlooked. So it is important that you talk to an agent or the owner. Do not hesitate to tell an agent what you are looking for because this is where they will be basing their villa suggestions from.

4.Avail of the extra services provided by the owner for free. There are many properties up for rent now. If villa rental owners want to stay in the game, they need to be competitive. And to be competitive, they will include perks like free or discounted car usage, private chef and housekeeping. So do not be afraid to ask the agent about perks they can throw in if you rent a particular property.
This is the advantage of dealing with an agent. They can get you privileges or perks that you would not be able to get if you made the deal directly with the owner.

5.Have everything in writing. This is needed when you rent a villa to help protect the owner, the agent and yourself. Before you sign anything, make sure it specifies what fees are included and all the other important details.

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A Tourist’s Guide to Playa Blanca

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If you are looking for a quiet but sophisticated place to spend your holiday while in Lanzarote, then why not head on to Playa Blanca? The atmosphere in this huge yacht marina is relaxed and you will never run out of cafes to visit. This resort is growing rapidly, and you can find it in the southern most tip of Lanzarote. What’s even better is you can find an awesome Playa Blanca holiday home which is perfect for you because of the many great accommodations that they have to offer.



You can find the resort in the southern most tip of the island. You will need to travel around thirty-seven kilometers from the capital of the island, Arrecife, and from the airport you need to travel approximately thirty-three kilometers.

History and Development

108310w620h440Playa Blanca used to be a fishing village and it has not been too long since the work in the resort has been completed. The place has always had the potential of being developed because it had a port where you could take a ferry to Fuerteventura. At the moment, Playa Blanca offers a more tranquil environment that’s less noisier than the villas in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen. Playa Blanca has learned from the mistakes of other resorts in the island of Lanzarote and the other surrounding islands. This means that they have invested a considerable amount in their infrastructures, including their hotels and villas.


Things to do in Playa Blanca

655793f1d02c5b8093bae9b21b9e8d08The most obvious thing to do here is take a trip to the beaches. The resort’s coastline has been divided into smaller bays although one could say that each bay is still huge. The beaches are great for swimming and even sunbathing. Just like what you would expect from other major resorts, there are shops that you can go and visit should you be interested in purchasing souvenir items for your loved ones back home. But be warned, Playa Blanca does not have as many shopping choices as the other major resorts. The nightlife in this resort is not as rowdy as in the other resorts. If you are looking for a laid back kind of nightlife, then Playa Blanca would be perfect for you.


Places to eat

Playa Blanca has a lot of restaurants and cafes that you can choose from, depending on what you are craving. There are great seafood places on the promenade. There is a great restaurant that you can visit in the Marina Rubicon as well, El Mirador.


Places to stay in

Playa Blanca has different accommodations to choose from. You can be assured that you will be able to find something that will be just right for what you need and still stay within your budget. Villas are the most common accommodations in the resort. They are well-maintained and family friendly. The villas also have private swimming pools. There are great hotels too in the resort that you can stay in.

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